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You will begin to free yourself from depending on an algorithm to get your message out to your customers.




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Have automated  2-way conversations that leads to conversions while you are asleep. 

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Automated marketing solution for all businesses. Generate better leads. Make more sales. Increase customer satisfaction. 




Challenge + Great Copy = More Sales!

This influencer ran a challenge using an automated sequence to get people in. We actually didn't get her results but we saw the sequence getting a lot of subscribers and assumed it must have done quite well. It's a really well done sequence that matches the virality of a "challenge" funnel

Ecommerce Giveaway Sequence - 800 Subscribers Free!

Would you pay $.41 per lead to build your list? I know I would! This sequence did exactly that. They chose a prize worth $250 and generate well over 600 leads in just a matter of a few days! Pretty stellar because it matched a few of the REALLY important features. Give away something awesome if you are going to run a giveaway... no one wants a $10 gas card... 

Flash Sale - Weekend Campaign

This was a really cool "loss leader" campaign one of our users made to build a list. When the new season of Yellowstone released they made a campaign giving away free recipes that matched that theme. They got a great response. This is more just a REALLY cool idea than a "profitable" sequence. It's a list builder.

Health Affiliate Quiz

We took this from the Clickbank #1 affiliate and instead of using a landing page, we built their quiz into a Messenger sequence. GUARANTEEING you get leads along the way and still provide the end result. You also don't have to worry about compliance because the ad is all run through Messenger. BIG win here!

Ice Breakers For Local And Pro Services

Photographers and Videographers are getting a LOT of leads from Instagram these days but the messages can get out of hand. We actually used this campaign for a local videographer and they are getting leads consistently now without having to pay attention to their DMS. The best news is, they aren't LOSING customers by being slow to respond...

Influencer Lead Gen - Using List to Promote Sponsors And Internal

This is a great example of just "building a list". Nothing to promote immediately, they are just trying to build a list so that they can promote that list whenever they want. When someone opts in they do get the "best deals" this guy has with his brands which is an easy way to make this sequence profitable. They just asked their sponsor to cover the cost and they used that money to pay us. So they built a list for free using ZERO paid ads and built a list of 6,000 people in 72 hours using 2 posts.

Influencer Lead Gen Sequence - 400 Books Sold In 2 Days!

This was one of a few different posts this influencer made to help sell her book. Instead of sending people to the book directly (which she'd done a lot) she decided to make a sequence and build her list this time. The list building paid off as she got a MASSIVE spike in sales by offering a free download in exchange for the email address, and then introducing the offer. The book sells for $25... so that's $10,000 in sales in 3 days using these sequences without ads!

Affiliate Sequence That Generated $25,000 In Sales

We used this sequence on our instagram and drove ads to it. The idea was to get people to sign up for our masterclass, where we would sell a product after teaching people why they need it. We generated $25,000 in sales with this over 7 days and even had an affiliate use the same sequence and they made $5,000 in affiliate commissions!

Travis Stephenson Giveaway - $60,000 in Sales

This is a simple sequence that I used to generate $60,000 in sales to a product I was selling. I actually tracked this through my membership platform and created a separate list specifically for these subscribers. I offered to giveaway a Macbook pro - so one purchase of $1300 got me $60,000 in sales by simply making the product that I gave away similar to what my niche would like!

Print On Demand - Necklace Sequence

This sequence embodies everything we teach. It builds your list WHILE selling your product and using that undivided attention to get your subscribers attention. TRUST ME, they will remember this bad boy. This particular campaign was made to clone a successful ecommerce campaign that'd done VERY well. So it's just an example of exactly what you could do for any ecommerce product.

 Wine Newsletter Sign Up - Plus Make Sales!

Who doesn't love a good glass of wine!? Well this is an awesome campaign for local business to utilize SCAN CODES to get people on to their newsletter. Let's face it, everyone knows how to use a QR code at this point, you can have that QR code redirect to an m. me link and trigger a sequence... since it's in Messenger you can pre-populate email and even sell them on the wine of the month club!

Restaurant Birthday Campaign

Restaurants LOVE booking bigger tables. You know who usually has larger reservations? Birthdays. This is a sequence that would be triggered through an ad and target people with a birthday coming up. You offer them a discount, or a free beer, or something to get them to book with you. REALLY simple.

Real Estate Lead Gen... Yes it works for them too!

Real Estate is literally ALL about leads. This is a sequence that would make it really easy to get leads from Instagram, Facebook, you name it! Get more leads = sell more houses right? Pretty easy sequence to do exactly that!

Webinar registration sequence

You can actually get people registered for your webinars using this, pretty easily actually. In this case it was a sale at the end, so you had to BUY access, but what better way to guarantee that you can follow up with every prospect who doesn't buy

Traditional Cold Targeting Ecommerce Sequence

Why send people to a website when you can't retarget to them? Instead, send them to a Messenger of Instagram sequence and utilize that 24 hour window plus allow the user to shop for what THEY want.

The Benefits

Customer engagement

If you want more engaged followers, make it really easy for them to start conversations with you. This way, you will ensure they get a response 24/7 by running automated giveaways, competitions, and promotions.

Qualified Leads

Your chatbot can automatically qualify leads by asking them questions in a natural, engaging conversation. This way, your bot can help identify prospective customers who are most suitable for your product or service.

Time Saver

Your chatbot can automatically qualify leads by asking them questions in a natural, engaging conversation. This way, your bot can help identify prospective customers who are most suitable for your product or service.


From Algorithm To Inbox

If you are relying on an algorithm to grow your business alone, your business will struggle to keep up with your competition. We take people from facebook and Instagram from the algorithms. We drive them into automated DM sequences. with an automated 2 way engaging conversation, that will collect data about your customers name, email, phone number, what they like, their favorite color, favorite food, birthday, anniversary, whatever it is that you can use in your marketing.

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